Things to do in San Vito Costa Rica

You won’t have to look far for things to do when you come to Hotel Cascata Del Bosco. Below are a few activities you can enjoy during your vacation to Southern Costa Rica.

Wilson Botanical Gardens – This is the most famous botanical garden in Central America and really has placed San Vito on the map. No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a trip to Wilson Botanical Garden, home to an estimated 2000 species of plants and 400 birds. The Wilson Gardens have incredible amounts of tropical and subtropical rare plants from Costa Rica and elsewhere, including a massive collection of palms, some say the largest collection in the world. The Wilson Gardens are not simply “gardens”. It is a serious research facility and preserve where thousands of people a year come to learn and discover. It is owned and operated by the Organization of Tropical Studies of Duke University.

Birding –  San Vito is one of the premier birding areas of the world. Central America is the corridor for many species of migratory birds. The San Vito Bird Club is extremely active and its local members are always looking to meet fellow birders. Check out their website and join the Club even if you can’t visit San Vito. This is a very knowledgable and fun group of birders who arrange periodic walks at Wilson Botanical Gardens! Our Bird List

Coffee Tours  – Learn the origin of that heavenly cup of coffee, how that coffee in your cup grows is cultivated and processed in an area that produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Wonder why you don’t see coffee from San Vito on your stores shelves at home? Most is snatched up and shipped to Europe and sold in high-end shops. You will be surrounded by it and must take some home!

La Amistad National Park – is the most remote and largest national park in Costa Rica surrounded by other parks and reserves for the indigenous Chirripó, Tayni, Telire, Talamanca, Ujarras, Salitre and Abagra peoples. It has incredible biodiversity and ecosystems.

Boruca Indigenous Reserve – The Boruca, a tribe of the Talamanca Indians of Panama and Costa Rica are the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the area.  You often see them in town, the women wearing colorful dresses. You can take an excursion to their lands and see where the beautiful if not scary Boruca masks are made, the same masks that adorn the walls of Cascata Del Bosco.

Finca Cantaros –Finca Cantaros is a private nature preserve on the main road towards town, a five minute drive away with archeological sites, an ancient pond, views of Panama and San Vito, a pre Columbian burial ground, book store and art and crafts shop with a wide selection of items from Central and South America carefully selected by owners Gail and Harry Hull.  You can spend your time on a self-guided tour there, have a picnic, bird watch and photograph the flora and fauna.

Chillin out – You want to do next to nothing, you got it. Relax on your balcony, bask in the sun, do yoga, meditate or wander the trails on the property.

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