San Vito, Costa Rica: Location & Climate

San Vito is located in the upper southern zone of Costa Rica. Cascata Del Bosco is less than 10 minutes drive to the center of San Vito. We are approximately a 40-minute car drive to the Rio Sereno Border Crossing to Panama and only about 4 miles to Panama as the crow flies. From many parts of San Vito, you can clearly see Volcan Baru in Panama. Heading down to Ciudad Neilly, you can see the Pacific Ocean. We are at N 8 47 21  W 82 57 17

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Altitude: Cascata Del Bosco is situated at an altitude of about 4000 feet, a bit higher and cooler than the town of San Vito itself.

Climate: The temperature is fairly steady all year long. During the day it can get as high as the low 80’s, evenings usually in the mid 60’s.

Beaches:  Playa Zancudo, Playa Pavones and Dominical are all about a 2 to 2.5 hour drive away. Golfito, a gateway to Playa Zancudo by water taxi is only 1.5 hours away by car.

Panama:  Many people visiting southern Costa Rica are interested in Northern Panama. We are very close!  There are two close border crossings.

Rio Sereno Border Crossing is 30 minutes drive away and is one of the easiest crossing into and out of Panama. Perfect if you are going to Volcan Panama. There are no crowds or lines and often, you will be the only one who is crossing. From Rio Sereno clean small mini busses busses leave all day long to Volcan and David Panama on beautiful roads.

Pasa Canoas Border Crossing is an hour’s drive from Cascata Del Bosco and may be preferable if you are heading to David or Panama City.