Cascata Del Bosco in San Vito Costa Rica

Your Costa Rica vacation just won’t be complete without a trip to the beautiful cool climate highlands of Southern Costa Rica! Hotel Cascata Del Bosco in San Vito Southern Costa Rica is ideally located within easy walking distance to the famous Wilson Botanical Garden, and a 10 minute drive from San Vito. Whether you want to spend your Costa Rica vacation on adventurous excursions, relaxing on your terrace or strolling through the forest, Southern Costa Rica has it all (check out our Things to do in San Vito Costa Rica page to learn more). If you feel like taking it easy, you won’t miss out, our grounds abound with the flora and fauna Costa Rica is best known for. Enjoy spectacular birdwatching from your private terrace, or walk along our jungle trails to witness the wildlife that has made Southern Costa Rica famous, including white-faced monkeys.

About Cascata Del Bosco

Cascata del Bosco is Italian for cascade of the forest. We use the name in Italian to recognize and honor those Italian immigrants who settled San Vito, Costa Rica in the 1950s. It also describes the spectacular views from our cabins perched atop the rainforest canopy. A wide variety of birds including toucans, parrots and many migrants can be easily viewed throughout the year from your cabin’s balcony. Click here to see our bird list.

Enjoy the many hiking trails where you may see monkeys, coatis, agoutis, and the occasional three-toed sloth. The plants, trees and less appreciated smaller things that make the rainforest canopy community are always abundant.

Our restaurant is noted for its international cuisine and outstanding outdoor atmosphere; dining in the jungle at its finest. Most of the cooking is done with our Smokeoven/BBQ built with the bricks from an old pottery kiln on the property, which adds a little spice and a ton of love to all our meals.

Our lodging facilities are quiet, private, handicap accessible and whether you call them cabins, cabanas, bungalos or villas, they offer all the comforts including balconies, kitchenettes and satellite TV.